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BBC One: Stings 2016

BBC One introduced new presentation stings on 1st January 2016.


Ice Skater

Aired in early January.

Aired throughout the year.

First aired on 5 January. 6 January for Scotland

Six Nations
First aired on 6 February

Pancake Day
9 February

Valentine’s day
14 February

Start of Spring

Hot Cross bun

Queens 90th Birthday
21 April

14 May

FA Cup
21 May
Not used by Scotland.

Euro 2016 Sting
4 versions were created.

Wimbledon 2016 Sting
3 versions were created. Scotland only used the first sting

Summer 2016 Sting
In the nations the tagline doesn’t disappear.

School Summer Holiday Sting
Scotland and Wales never used this sting.

Strictly come dancing

Great British bake off

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